Steps for Changing Your School Uniform

There are many steps in this process but the most important of all is to take the time to plan the change.

  1. Good planning is essential Do a stocktake and know how much existing stock you are holding.
  2. Set up a focus group This group should consist of key school staff and parents. You may also like to include some students so they can provide essential feedback on fit, wear and comfort.
  3. School’s uniform goal Your school should have a clear goal as to what you want from your new uniform.
  4. Allow plenty of time Consultation with Uniform Hub around fabric selections and sampling will take place. We will provide paper concepts, creative design, product samples, fabric samples, embroidery swatches and accessories. We will need you to do final sign off on actual garment samples not just drawings. You can’t gauge quality from a drawing. Then allow time for manufacturing and retailing within the school.

Uniform Hub Supports Your School - On-site meetings and extensive design consultation - Presentation of Hi-Tech Computer imagery of refined garment concepts - Fabric composition, weights and yields - Design, fabric and colour sampling - Development of patterns to your design requirements - Implementation and supply strategies put in place - Meeting agreed KPI’s relating to timeframes, quality and price


Consultation Process - Explain the purposes of the dress code and the reason for any proposed changes - Guarantee opportunity for the viewpoints of parents or carers, teachers and students to be expressed. The mechanism for consultation should be identified in the student dress code policy or, alternatively, be recorded in school board minutes - Outline any proposed changes to uniform supply arrangements - Provide for careful consideration of any information and viewpoints collected in the consultation process before finalising the decision-making process - Seek out and consider the views of different groups within the school community (such as from different cultural, religious or ethnic backgrounds or other groups that may have special needs) - Allow for careful consideration of the practicality of garment design, materials used in construction, and the cost implications of proposed items.  Uniform Hub will help you with this. - Provide a timeline for implementation of the dress code. - The school must be able to demonstrate to its school community that it has considered the cost implications of its selected school uniform and considered the ability of its parent population to afford it.